07 April 2012

New stuff

20 June, oil, acrylic, metallic paint on canvas over panel, 48 in. x 84 in. (122 cm x 203 cm)

Some images and details of new work on my website

25 January 2012

My Axioms

An abstract painting is not an idea, nor is it devoid of ideas.

Nicholas Krushenick, “Outspan,” 1968, Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 72 inches

* * * * *
An abstract painting is not solely an object, nor can it be separated from its object-ness.

Pat Steir, “Green, Gold and Umber” 2009-10, Oil on canvas, 60 1/2 x 51 in.

* * * * *
An abstract painting does not depict, nor does it turn its back on the world.

Norman Bluhm, “Aegean Angel,” 1988, oil on canvas, 66 x 66 inches

* * * * *
An abstract painting is a node among the threads of our bodily and interior experience.

Joan Snyder, “Are Mine,” 2010, Oil acrylic, glitter, rosebuds and burlap on panel, 30 in. x 30 in.

03 January 2012


Paul Cézanne, Bend in a Road in Provence, about 1866 or later, oil on canvas, 92.4 x 72.5 cm, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Adaline Van Horne Bequest

“The painter can do no more than construct an image; he must wait for this image to come to life for other people. When it does, the work of art will have united these separate lives; it will no longer exist in only one of them like a stubborn dream or a persistent delirium, nor will it exist only in space as a colored piece of canvas. It will dwell undivided in several minds, with a claim on every possible mind like a perennial acquisition.”

From “Cézanne’s Doubt” (pdf) by Maurice Merleau-Ponty